We hold monthly shabbat services on the first Friday of every month. Check our calendar for information about our next service.

Please note: For security, all service attendees must be on our admit-to-service list held at the front desk of the synagogue. Planning to attend our services for the first time? We respectfully request to meet with you online at least several days prior to the service so that we can add your name to our admit-to-service list. You can contact us to schedule a time to meet even if you are not 100% sure you will attend a Bet TIkvah service.

Bet Tikvah is not affiliated with any particular branch of Judaism. Our members come from a variety of religious backgrounds. Members of the congregation volunteer to lead services and prepare a drasha. For members who want to lead services, a set of written instructions is available.

We are currently updating and revising our gender-neutral siddur which consist of traditional Hebrew prayers, English translations, poems, and meditations. We also have created our own mahzur and haggadah. An oneg follows each service. In addition to monthly shabbat services, we also celebrate the following holidays:

We do not officiate wedding ceremonies.